Meet Charlene Hunter: Founder of Coding Ebony Females

Meet Charlene Hunter: Founder of Coding Ebony Females

SheCanCode has long appreciated the ongoing work of Coding Ebony Females! Extremely, our company is delighted to stand out a lamp on Charlene Hunter, that has developed and used this organisation that is nonprofit intensity to strength over the last 36 months.

All of our very own goal just about all about helping women enter, stay and succeed in the technical business. We were happy to find out, initially, exactly how Charlene identifies their own personal objective:

“Coding Black Females’ goal is always to supply opportunities for Black female programmers to fulfill common faces, establish themselves, community, accept support and create interactions through having routine meetups.”

Once would you initially know you liked tech?

I penned the line that is first of at 10. after I was at university, I starred from the computers during split occasions. My own mom and dad acquired me books on computing and technology. Recently I didn’t realise that what I was actually accomplishing would be coding! My father operates A it tool business, so tech is certainly much from inside the household and I also was exposed to it coming from a quite young age.

Did you review laptop practice at university?

Actually, definitely not at first. I learned Maths. I didn’t figure out what I needed to do; I just now recognized I want to a diploma that provided me with options. It has been merely during the future phases of my undergrad amount that I started computer science that is considering. Read More “Meet Charlene Hunter: Founder of Coding Ebony Females”